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No luck with the agents

(11/7/2015) Unfortunately, after sending out emails to all the literary agents on my list some weeks ago, I have not had a positive response. I've had plenty of rejections, most of which tend to include the lines `While we enjoyed reading your work, we don't think it is suitable for us. However, don't be disheartened, other agents may well think differently' Don't be disheartened? It's pretty difficult not to when all I get is rejections. This is why I have made the decision to self publish again. Firstly on and then if there is interest, in hard copy. I'll be sure to make the typeset a bit bigger this time so that people can actually read it without the use of a magnifying glass!

I have also joined a writer's workshop. They meet once a month in London, so perhaps I'll pick up some pointers from author's in a similar position to me. There's a meeting this coming Monday night with a literary agent and it's about making a perfect covering letter. The guest speaker is from an agency who has already rejected my last effort. Should I remind her of this? :)

I also hope to start working again on my third novel soon. I need to get the buzz back.

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