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A quick turnaround

(12/3/2017) No quicker have I finished my third book, I have started structuring my fourth one. I have decided to write a follow on, (not a sequel, as such) to The `Not So' Secret Diary of a Pawnbroker'. Entitled `The Not So Secret Diary of A Store Detective' the book re-connects with Pete Dawson over four years after his last diary entry.

He has sold his business and his wife has left him. His two eldest children rarely visit, leaving him sharing his home with his youngest daughter, Leanne and more often than not his flighty best friend, Clem - both of whom treat the place less of a hotel than a halfway house. His life has started to bore him and he decides he needs to get back in to some kind of work as he begins to miss his daily interactions with the general public. Naturally, they start to annoy him as well as do his existing concerns over Brexit, the fledgling Trump Presidency and the continuing frustrations with a temperamental dishwasher dishwasher. Pete's new job and the people he meets bring an new zest to was was becoming a particularly frustrating and sober lifestyle. Feeling too old to be young and too young to be old, the conviction that his beliefs are valid and should be taken notice of before he becomes a fully-fledged `grumpy old man' are as relevant to him as they ever were.

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