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Scriptwriting challenge

(10/4/2018) Over the last few weeks, I have been working hard, writing a half-hour situation comedy script. The BBC Writer's Room have opened a window for new, aspiring comedy writers to create and send in scripts. My original idea was to adapt part of The Not So Secret Diary of a Pawnbroker and although I have kept elements of the story, like the setting and some of the customer interactions, the characters and their particular traits have changed enough to make them completely new people.

It really has been quite a different challenge to write a script as formatting and layout is all important. You also don't have the luxury to create the characters in to more rounded and interesting people. They are exactly what they say about themselves and to each other.

When the window closes, all scripts will get an initial 10-page read through and if it's something that the reader sees as potential, in will then get a 20-page read by another reader. Eventually, 10-15 writers will get an opportunity of an invitation to a BBC workshop to hopefully develop their idea. Then, who knows...

I hope my next update will include some good news about my progress.

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