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The Crimson Scarf

(15/4/2019) Over the last couple of weeks, I've taken a break from my novel. (all I seem to do is take breaks from it) and I've dedicated myself to writing a short story. The inspiration for it came from my last monthly Writers In The Wood meet up. I wanted to write something not in the humour genre, although I can't help myself but to include a few quirky lines.

The story takes place over eight days and centres around Jack, a single man in his thirties who lives in a north London flat with his cat, Ruby He is an accountant by trade who In stark contrast to his well-ordered and measured profession, writes mystery novels, although not very successfully, it has to be said (Where does he get his ideas from?) A chance meeting with a mysterious stranger on the tube train to work leads to a death and the realisation that an item of his clothing - a crimson scarf, curiously found with the body may lead the police to him - or at least, that's what he had made himself believe. He begins to question everything and his well methodical, dull life is thrown in to chaos. Ultimately, he is made to realise that not only is his place in mystery is in doubt, but is also made to question his whole world as a consequence.

I have just concluded the first edit and I'm looking forward to finding a publication that might showcase it. I'll keep you posted.

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