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'The Crimson Scarf and Other Stories' is complete.

(12/1/2020) Last week, I sent 17 completed and proofread stories to the publishing company who had been editing the stories. Through conversation, they said they were happy to publish the book and were happy to work with me. However, I don't yet know whether this will be via a traditional publishing contract or what they call 'a partnership' contract', which could cause me a problem.

For now then, I will have to wait and see what they come back to me with.

The complete list of stories (in no particular order) are as follows -

The Crimson Scarf

A Cabbie's Tale

The Wolf Who Cried Wolf

Saturday In The Park

Driver Seven

The Future's Not Ours To See

Takeaway Of Death

Family Misfortunes

The Bell Tolls For Thee

Dime to Change History

Four Minute Confession

Karma Police

A Boxful Of Prophesies

It's Your Lucky Day

A Pledge To Murder

Luck Be A Lady

Deadline To Death

I will keep you up to date with any update...

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