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Back to my novel.

(8/9/2020) In the last couple of weeks, I've focused on continuing my sequel to The Not So Secret Diary of a Pawnbroker. I haven't yet finalised a name for it and that is a continuing theme for me. I have always struggled to settle on a title that I am happy with and this book is no exception. Whether it will be entitled The Continuing Not So Secret Diary of a Pawnbroker, which is a little long-winded or The Not So Secret Diary of a Security Guard, which is also a bit long-winded, I'm not sure yet. I'm roughly three-quarters of the way through and I know in my mind exactly where I'm going with it. With any luck I'll be finished by the end of October and then I'll get it edited and proof-read for publication early 2021. Pete Dawson has been a busy man.

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