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Competition disappointment

(8/9/2020) I entered a competition for my book, The Crimson Scarf and Other Stories, earlier this year; the prizes being a chance for the opportunity to have a book made into a movie or TV show, to be published by a multi award-winning publisher, to be represented by a renowned publicist, and to be represented by a renowned literary agent. There were thousands of entrants and unfortunately my book didn't get picked. However, I did win a prize of having three express reviews of books. So, I have submitted all three novels for review. I will post the on this website when they have been returned to me.

In other 'competition' news, I have entered a BAFTA/Rocliffe competitionon to find a sitcom script. The winners of that will be announced later in the year. In addition, I have two other contest submissions to look out for. The BBC Sitcom Bursary and The SCREENCRAFT TV PILOT SCRIPT COMPETITION; the results being published on 28th October.

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