My name is Elliot Stanton.  I was born in 1970 and for 22 years I made my living as a pawnbroker in the East End of London.  However, my dream is to become a full-time writer.


​I have always enjoyed creative writing since school and enjoyed creating a fanzine for a friend’s band in my late teenage years. I had often thought about writing a book, but I lacked the confidence and had difficulty in finding a subject.  However, it was right under my nose.  I was surprised, amazed or sometimes just entertained by what I experienced on an almost daily basis in my shop.



A few years ago I decided to present some of the humorous interactions I had with my customers as individual tales which I wrote up on a Facebook, so I created a page dedicated to it.  I had a great many followers and a lot of them regularly said they enjoyed my stories. It was suggested to me that I should create a book of these tales, but maybe as a novel.  With this in mind I wrote The `Not So' Secret Diary of a Pawnbroker' and created the character of Pete Dawson and his family and colleagues. I decided that a diary format would best serve my style and set about writing my first book.  Although the protagonist and his exploits are purely fictional, most of incidents with the customers are real, although a little artistic licence has been applied in some cases. I followed this up with two more novels which were also loosely (very loosely) inspired by true events. I turned my attention to writing short wryly-comedic sinister short stories, and I released 17 of them in a book, 'The Crimson Scarf and Other Stories.'

My next projects were a bit of a diversion for me.  In 2021, I was bitten by the poetry bug and subsequently, I have released two books of poetry on themes of nostalgia and modern day observations, with a third and final book on the way. 

Now, I am back writing novels again, so look out for my next one in the second half of 2022!

My interests outside writing include history, travel (I particularly love Las Vegas and have been many times), sport, although more in a sedentary way rather than a participant, music and quizzing.  I am a member of a pub quiz team and regularly enjoy spending my evenings with friends socialising and putting my grey matter to the test. I also enjoy just staying at home with my family.

Me looking rather stern...