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Still writing and winning awards

(19/1/2024) It's been a few months since my last update, but I'm still writing. I have also topped 250 awards for my short screenplays. The awards have dried up a little recently, but perhaps that is due to me not entering as many contests and film festivals...


For the last ten days or so, I have been adapting my short story, 'The Crimson Scarf' into a full-length movie screenplay. It's amazing how different the first draft is from the original story - and that's not just because it's much longer! I am about to do my first edit and see what needs adding, or taking away.


In other news, I have been asked to judge (online) a film-makers' competition. Something different.

Busy writing

(19/8/2023) I've not posted on this website for quite a while, but that doesn't mean I've not been writing - quite the oppsosite. What I have been doing is a little different from my usual work. I've been writing a movie screenplay. I was commissioned earlier this year to create a screenplay from a working script and that is what i spent the best part of two months doing. In addition, I have written several super-short 10-page scripts, which I intend to collate into a series.


In other news, I have someone potentially interested in one of my other scripts. It's very early days yet, so I'm not counting any chickens, but we shall see what happens next...

It's out!  Ultravox vs. the Ottoman Empire has been released

(27/1/2023) My ninth book (and fifth novel) is now available to buy. Check out 'Ultravox vs. the Ottoman Empire' at

Awards, awards, awards

(6/1/2023) I am delighted to say that I have now won over one hundred awards for my screenplays. As of today, I have been awarded 108 certificates for my work from film festivals in the USA, UK, India, SIngapore, Croatia, France, UAE, Serbia, Canada, Italy, Malaysia and many, many more countries. The hope is that a production company will see one of my scripts and want to option it. We shall see what 2023 brings...

Contests, competitions and festivals

(9/11/2022) Over recent weeks I have been mainly adapting my short stories into short screenplays and entering a lot of film festivals in the UK and around the world.


I haven't received any good news regarding my last book manuscript, so it looks very much like I'll be self-publishing in the new year.


As for my new book - The Not So Secret Diary of a Lottery Loser... nada, not a single word has been written for a couple of months now.

Fifth novel - Ready to go!

(4/8/2022) Ultravox vs. The Ottoman Empire is back from the proofreader and is ready to go. I have written three synopsises of varying length, a blurb, and an agent's query letter, along with a list of literary agents to contact. Next week I will begin the task of sending them out. I don't think any two agents want the same thing. Then the long wait to find out if anyone is interested. I genuinely believe this is my best novel so far and have high hopes.

Another new poetry book!

(8/7/2022) My latest book and final book of poetry, 'Can It Still Be Me?' was released today. It features 56 new poems around the subject of modern observations and features many of my petty annoyances. It's available, as usual, from Amazon.

Ultravox versus The Ottoman Empire is complete!

(17/6/2022) I am delighted to say that last week I completed writing my fifth novel. It went through quite a few changes of direction, but I know that the alternative route has bought it to the right place. I'd go as far to say that the final destination is in the better part of town. I am currently on my third complete editing read through.


The next stage is to get the manuscript proofread and maybe beta read by a few friends, then I'll be able to contact agents again, which in the past has proved a fruitless task. However, one must persist if one wants to be successful.

Presents From The Past has been released

(27/3/2022) I am delighted to announce the release of my new book of poetry.

From my press release - "Presents From The Past is a collection of 50 poems emerging from fond memories of my childhood, adolescence and young adulthood.


"Of course, my memories are not your memories, but I know each reader will find something that resonates with their own formative years. The theme is affectionate nostalgia, and the compositions project unabashed sentimentality, wistfulness and touching humour.


"Whilst there are a couple of poems with 'messages,' my aim is purely to entertain and remind people of a more innocent and gentler time."

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