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Ultravox versus The Ottoman Empire is complete!

(17/6/2022) I am delighted to say that last week I completed writing my fifth novel. It went through quite a few changes of direction, but I know that the alternative route has bought it to the right place. I'd go as far to say that the final destination is in the better part of town. I am currently on my third complete editing read through.


The next stage is to get the manuscript proofread and maybe beta read by a few friends, then I'll be able to contact agents again, which in the past has proved a fruitless task. However, one must persist if one wants to be successful.

Presents From The Past has been released

(27/3/22) I am delighted to announce the release of my new book of poetry.

From my press release - "Presents From The Past is a collection of 50 poems emerging from fond memories of my childhood, adolescence and young adulthood.


"Of course, my memories are not your memories, but I know each reader will find something that resonates with their own formative years. The theme is affectionate nostalgia, and the compositions project unabashed sentimentality, wistfulness and touching humour.


"Whilst there are a couple of poems with 'messages,' my aim is purely to entertain and remind people of a more innocent and gentler time."