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Writers In The Wood

Writers in the Wood is a group of talented writers and poets who are all mainly, although not exclusively from Borehamwood in Hertfordshire.  I, myself am an 'outsider' hailing from an area just a few miles from the 'Wood, but was warmly welcomed by the founder and administrator of the group, Lorraine Reed.  She, along with other enthusiastic and kind members have been very encouraging to me in my literary 'journey' (believe me, I hate that word as much as you do, but necessity dictates...) and I am proud to be a member.


Some authors within the group hold regular book signings and readings within the vicinity of Borehamwood and also raise money for local charities from their sales.  I will be adding the website addresses of several authors to this page to help publicise and promote their products, so please click on the links below and take a look - 

Here's what some of our members write about and the links to their personal websites :-

Dr Graham Clingbine has authored several books in various genres including science fiction, UFO Sightings, children’s stories, home networking marketing businesses and others.

Steven J Pemberton writes intelligent and witty fantasy for children, teenagers and adults, or as he puts it, "anyone old enough to understand."

Lorraine Reed is the Author of three published books. One of which is a new style learning method for Times tables. Lorraine is currently writing her debut novel under the genre 'supernatural psychological thriller.'.Due to be released in 2019

Franca writes motivational books and business books.

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